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Housing law

Are you thinking of buying or selling a home in Spain? We can help you

With legal expertise by our experienced lawyers, you can trust that the entire purchase process will run smoothly and follow procedure. We can assist in purchase- and sales processes across the Marbella-area, along the southern Spanish coast, on Ibiza and on Mallorca.

Let the experts navigate the process for you

Due to the many differences between the purchase processes in Norway and in Spain, buying a home in Spain can be challenging. Without any professional help you risk misunderstanding the legal system, that the quality fails your expectations or that the contract is not legally binding.

Our lawyers have vast and long experience in property law in both Spain and Norway, and are here to make you feel at ease and taken care of. We can help you in Norwegian, English or Spanish.

– Christine Sollie Jensen, CEO and partner at Vogt Law

The most common challenges in purchase processes in Spain

  • Spain has less regulations concerning estate agents authorisations, economic responsibility or insurances. They do not have formal viewings.  

  • The comprehensive quality assurance process providing an overview over the property´s legal and economic status – including necessary background checks and documents – is different.

  • The approach depends on whether you are buying a newly built apartment or a house, a home under construction or a second-hand property.

  • All contracts are written in Spanish and follow Spanish legislation.

Help in Spain with Norwegian efficiency

We can assist you in person and take care of everything from our offices in Spain. With your permission we can both sign contracts and other documents on your behalf. In that way, you do not have to travel to Spain to do it yourself, saving you both money and time. At the same time, you will get the same efficiency and close follow-up as you would expect in Norway, and in Norwegian.

Let us ensure a smooth running of legal and economic processes, and spend your energy on planning your new home instead!

If the home you are buying is under construction you have to make sure you know the commitments the developer has to you as the buyer. This involves the process from the contract content to after the home is finished.

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Going into a purchase agreement involves many different elements. We know for a fact that buyers often are not aware of their rights, or what to look out for before signing housing deed. Ask us for advice on what you need to consider in order to avoid those legal and financial pitfalls.

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