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The legal and local expertise you need to succeed

Property investment is our main specialty, and property developers, property owners and investors form our largest client base.

We can support you during all phases of property development and transformation projects – from idea to finalisation. From planning, regulations and building to finalisation and sales – all these processes involve both legal and strategic issues that need to be dealt with. Our experience and competence cover both commercial properties and homes.

Our vast experience with helping foreign investors in Spain enables us to quickly identify how to help you most efficiently and effectively. Likewise, our extensive knowledge of the property industry and the various stakeholders contributing to development- and building projects, as well as property transactions, ensures that your property investments succeed in the Spanish market.

We know what our clients expect when it comes to quality and professional services, and our exceptional team allows us to meet their needs.

Christine Sollie Jensen, CEO and partner at Vogt Law Firm

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Vogt Law property investment

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