Vogt Law business lawyer

How we work

Our main goal is to give you a seamless and positive experience throughout the whole process. Integrity, proactivity and close follow-ups lie at the heart at everything we do. Our attention is always centred around you and your case.

Our talented and dedicated consultants can help you with any legal processes you need in Norwegian, English or Spanish. We hope that speaking your own language you help you feel at home, and give you the assurance of knowing and understanding the process from beginning to end. By using our experience in both Norwegian and Spanish systems, we help you navigate any legal and cultural differences with ease.

We will help you for as long as you want 

Buying property in another country is an exciting project, at the same time as potentially being a long and daunting process. We have your back all the way to make the entire purchase process as stress free and positive as possible.

The consultant that we dedicate to your case will follow up closely all the way until you receive the keys – or until you feel comfortable with continuing the process on your own. 

We represent you

Physical signatures are still mandatory in the Spanish legal system. However, we understand that it is neither practical nor economical to travel all the way to Spain every time a document needs signing. A more feasible option is to let us represent you by physically meeting up and signing all the necessary documents while you are still in Norway.

We are independent

Our decision making is independent from any other stakeholders. We are a commercial bureau that has no agreements on client recruitments. Instead, we are happy to say that our clients approach us directly because they trust that we will be the best partner for them.

We are discrete

As a client you can be rest assured that we will treat your case and personal details with total care and confidentiality at all times.

Book a chat with us

Do you have any questions about buying or selling homes, or perhaps any other legal challenges? We will happily have an informal chat to hear about how we can help you.