Our social responsibility

We want to give back to society

We take our social responsibility very seriously, and as we are lucky enough to work with something we love, we also want to give something back to the wider society.

Therefore, we support NGOs that help people affected by poverty, hunger, abuse and war across the world. We also arrange our own social events, which sponsor these organisations.

Doctors Without Borders 

Doctors Without Borders is a global humanitarian organisation delivering immediate medical humanitarian aid to people affected by conflict, natural and human-made disasters. The organisation works independently and impartially, and promotes equality among all people. Doctors Without Borders have more than 60 000 employees and projects in over 80 countries.

The care provided by the medical teams of Medicos sin Fronteras/ Doctors without Borders, tries to cover the most urgent needs, both at different levels of medical care and through activities that greatly impact health, such as those related to water and sanitation.

Vogt provides regular contributions to support this activity throughout the world.

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi
Leger uten grenser

Maiti Nepal

Maiti Nepal is a non-profit organisation that has fought sexual abuse, violence and human trafficking among women and children since 1993. The organisation provides a safe space with comprehensive rehabilitation programmes promoting education, health, social inclusion and autonomy. The ultimate goal is helping survivors back to life and into society.

Maiti Nepal directs the public´s attention to abuse experienced by these groups; offers therapy and support to vulnerable individuals; saves women and children from captivity and abuse; offers legal assistance and medical help for survivors ; and rehabilitates them through education, therapy and safe homes.

So far, 35 000 women and children have been rescued, and over 500 young women and children are currently staying in their shelter in Kathmandu.

The organisation also runs 12 border transit homes where they collaborate with the border police to control vehicles that cross the border to India. In this way they prevent human trafficking of around 120 women every month. Maiti Nepal´s main shelter in Kathmandu also has a school where there are currently 400 children studying in English. 

The founder Anuradha Koirala has dedicated her life to fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of young women and children in Nepal for almost 70 years. She has received multiples awards for her tireless work.

Vogt law firm supports Maiti Nepal by sponsoring annual fundraising events.

Remember, upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all

Alexander The Great
Diksha project

The Diksha Project

The Diksha-project has worked towards improving the lives of disadvantaged people in the Indian region Rajasthan since 1993. The organisation particularly focuses on giving women and children who have experienced trauma the skills, knowledge and opportunities to become independent and included in society.

The Diksha Project supports children with a traumatic past, and who belongs to the lowest cast in the Indian class system. These children are right at the bottom of the poverty scale, and they have been abandoned by – or lost – one or both parents due to for example AIDS and other diseases or handicaps.

By giving them financial support, The Diksha Project ensures that these children are provided with private education, clothes, food, medical help and improved living conditions in general. Not only is this essential for survival, but it also creates a solid foundation for the children to build an independent and fulfilled life.

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love

Mother Teresa

We sponsor two girls in the region:
Amina and Khushi

Amina was born on the 25th November 2014, and has grown up with her grandparents, together with her two step brothers, Hanif and Habib.

Her grandfather works as a chauffeur, while the grandmother worked out in the field and on construction grounds before losing her ability to work. Now she takes care of the grandchildren, and the family struggles financially.

The parents have been absent for most of Amina´s life, and the family of five currently live in a hut made of bamboo, wood and grass. The house has been destroyed by monsoon-storms several times.

Amina Vogt Advokater

The Diksha Project has ensured that Amina and her step brothers have started school, and the project has also sponsored a roof, bathroom with a toilet and a solar cell lamp for the family, which lights up their evenings.

The corona pandemic hit the family hard, and schools closed for long periods at the time. The grandfather, the sole provider in the family, hardly made any money and in this period the family received extra financial support for food from The Diksha Project.

Amina loves going to school, and has excelled with her great academic results. In June 2022, Amina is in her 3rd year at the same school as her step brothers, who are now in 8th grade.

Their grandparents are doing their outmost to provide for the three children, who fully depend on them. And yet, age and health is a big challenge. The Diksha Project makes all the difference, as it both makes their everyday life easier, and gives Amina, Hanif and Habib a better starting point to take part in society and build fulfilling futures.

Khushi was born on the 16th July 2005. When she was six years old, her father left Khushi, her two younger siblings and her mother. He struggled with alcohol misuse and abused his wife mentally and physically. This affected the whole family and made the upbringing of Khushi and her siblings unsafe.

Khushi´s mother is struggling to provide for her children Khushi, her little brother Rohit and her little sister Gudiya. She takes any job she can – cook, housemaid and security guard – in order to bring in any money she is able to.

The children attend the same school led by the The Diksha Project, where they also live. They spend their holidays with their mother, who otherwise lives in a rented room in the area. She visits the children as often as possible.

Khushi Vogt Advokater

When the corona pandemic broke out in 2020, the school closed for long periods at the time, and all exams were cancelled. The government still decided that all students would move up a class as planned, and Khushi worked as hard as she could when all classes were moved online.

Her mother struggled with infections and health problems in 2020, and they got extra financial support for food from The Diksha Project. After some time, the children were allowed back to school, part-time in the beginning, then fulltime from September 2021. Khushi enjoys school and is doing very well. In June 2022 she finished 10th grade with excellent grades, and she would like to continue with biology and maths. Her dream is to become a doctor. The support from The Diksha Project has increased her chances of making this dream come true.

The roman catholic diocesan social service society (RCDSSS)

RCDSSS is the social service wing of the Ajmer Diocese, a registered voluntary Non-Governmental organisation that works for people who have been deprived of their rights and who are excluded from society. The organisation helps people of all castes, beliefs, races, social status, and political affiliation in the state of Rajasthan, India.

Sjømannskirken – Norwegian Church Abroad

Norwegian Church Abroad, is a non-profit organisation that receives a commission from the Parliament to serve Norwegians abroad. 28 churches serve as social and cultural meeting places for around 700.000 people annually. In addition, chaplains regularly visit Norwegian communities and students in more than 80 countries. Norwegian oil installations in the North Sea are also frequently visited by chaplains.

Vogt contributes as a sponsor for the local magazine called HJEM.

It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving

Mother Teresa

Supports locally and internationally

We support a local rehabilitation centre in La Linea, which is the poorest municipality in Spain.

We also sponsor social events, such as galas, where the money goes to the causes we support.