VOGT Office closed due to Coronavirus. We continue working by email and telephone (updated)


Due to the extraordinary circumstances that regretfully we are suffering in Spain, Norway, Europe and worldwide, because of the corona-virus, and following the request and recommendation of Governments, VOGT Advokatfirma has taken the decision of closing the office for a second  period of 15 days, until the 15thApril 2020. 

This decision has been taken based on our responsibility to take a proactive position in the fight against the virus expansion.

Vogt Advokatfirma staff will continue working for our customers by tele working. We will be at our clients disposal by phone and by e-mail at usual hours.

Hopefully, in 15 days all of us can be in a better situation than these days and which can allow us to open the office again.

We would like to ask for your collaboration, understanding and patience in order to pass this situation in the best way as possible. We have confidence that our staff will be able to compensate any inconvenience that this measure could have for the day to day of the firm, with a huge amount of enthusiastic, and personal treatment. We strongly believe that this crisis will provide us with an unexpected and very valuable experience that make our firm a better human and stronger group.

Thank you for your comprehension and collaboration.

José Luis Rojas Vázquez
Partner & Lawyer
Vogt Advokatfirma España SL

Christine Sollie Jensen
Vogt Advokatfirma España SL